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Be an expert in the game of online roulette. American roulette and European roulette tips, information and online roulette casinos to play roullete.

Whenever the word casino fall into ears, names of number of games such as roulette, slots, poker run across the mind. Of these games, Online Roulette is one such game, which has not only gained boost in the entire land based casino all over the world but also in the online casino world. Although the game of roulette originated from France, but has turned out to be a most enthralling and amusing game and is found irresistible by people all over the world. The original translation of the word roulette is small wheel and it is certainly an exciting game of wheel where a small ball is made to spin around the spinning wheel.

Roulette casinos, these days have come in the preference list of women casino players who have their choice wandering from the game of bingo to the enthralling game of roulette. Women all over the world who have a taste for gambling have become more and more interested in the online roulette game to pacify their gambling senses. Even the online roulette has gained momentum in the world of online casino games. There are two versions of online roulette offered to the people – The American roulette version and the European roulette Version.

The American roulette version is slightly different from the European version of online roulette game. Where the European game of roulette comprise of 37 numbers ranging from 1 to 18 and a single 0, the American roulette game on the other hand comprises of the wheel with 38 numbers. The numbers on the wheel of the American version of roulette game range from 1 to 18, 0 and a 00. The spinning rules in both the versions in roulette casinos are quite similar to one other.

The players in the game of online roulette can place the bet on a single or the range of numbers, irrespective of whether the number is even or odd. In the European roulette, on spinning the wheel if the ball comes to stop at 0, then all stakes lose except those stakes which people place on the single number 0. Similarly, in the game of American roulette, when the wheel is spun and the ball comes to halt at the 0 or 00 number place, then all the stakes are lost except those stakes, which are positioned on the numbers 0 and 00 by the players.

There is no great difference between the playing methods and the rule lines of both versions of online roulette. The difference lies in the doubling up of zeros in the American roulette game as compared to the European game of roulette, which changes the house advantage in both the games. The house advantage refers to the percentage of the money that a player may lose over the long term in the game of online roulette. The house edge in the game of American roulette when the wheel is spun is 5.26% while in the game of European of roulette; the house edge advantage is 2.7%. Apart from the house advantage difference in both the versions of games, both the versions of games are as enthralling to play as any other casino game.